Youth Promise Plus

Providers within the Youth Promise Plus Project aim to create person-centred support for young people aged 16-29 years, to support progression into education, or training or ultimately sustainable employment. Our support includes: improving sleep hygiene, managing anxiety, building self-esteem, individualised coping strategies, etc. Find out more about the Youth Promise Plus service, and register.

Check out our client success stories:

Our YPP Champions supported a young person with new coping strategies giving her a “fresh outlook on life”

A young person, recently subscribed to the YPP service, needed support with managing her low mood and confidence, and improving the strategies on dealing with depression. She was motivated to find work but found it difficult to keep up with applications when feeling low.

Through the support provided by YPP, she has now signed up with an organisation to help her manage her mental health going forward. She has also learnt multiple coping strategies which are effective in supporting her wellbeing. The YPP service has helped the young person obtain employment during the lockdown, and she has planned out a routine in which she can focus on work and take time out for herself.

She has told our YPP Champions: “you have opened my mind and gave me a fresh outlook on life – I was stuck in one view and I see now I really needed that fresh change on how I see things.”


We helped a young person to feel more confident in their gender identity. They told us, “I liked the fact you adapted the support sessions to meet my needs”

A young person needed support as they found it difficult to manage their feelings and didn’t feel optimistic about their future. They would find it difficult to motivate themselves to complete daily tasks, often feeling overwhelmed. They identify as non-binary but felt uncomfortable sharing this information owing to possible negative reactions. The young person also needed support to find a job within the customer service sector.

Through the sessions with us, the young person developed effective coping strategies and self-care methods to support their wellbeing and has started attending counselling sessions. They have completed the self-motivation programme with us and found new ways to work through their daily changes.

This support has led the young person to gain a better understanding of their emotions and feelings. They developed a more positive view of themselves and feel confident enough to attend interviews. The young person has also felt a change within themselves to be able to share their identity with new people.


A young person struggling with her mental health during the pandemic has said “[my PMHC helped] clear my mind and solve problems when I am finding things difficult on my own”

This young person had the intentions to find part-time work but was finding it difficult to find a job due to the pandemic. The lockdowns and restriction had left her with general anxiety, a low mood, and a loss of motivation. During the pandemic, she felt her routine had been disrupted and was unable to sleep at night and wake up early in the morning. This affected her ability to manage stressful situations and work through difficulties.

The young person had been out of work for two years and was afraid they would not be able to wake up for work or feel at ease in a new role. With our Personal Mental Health Champion (PMHC), the young person created a document with all her stressors and the tailored corresponding coping strategies to overcome them. The young person found part-time work, and overcame the anxiety of starting work with supportive phone calls from her PMHC.

Currently, the young person works at The Prince’s Trust as a youth leader supporting other young people to achieve their goals. She now has awareness of how to cope with her feelings of anxiety, and manages her routine and sleep effectively to get to work on time.

She has told us: “[my] PMHC works flexibly to support my needs. Now I am working to […] continue my sessions and [my] PMHC is always there when I need someone to talk to”