BAS - Light Engineering and Assembly

At Better Pathways in addition to Packing and Labelling jobs, we undertake “light” engineering and assembly for a variety of companies within the West Midlands and further afield.

We have achieved an excellent reputation for a high level of quality, and meeting or exceeding the expectations of our existing customers.

We utilise;-

  • Sonic welding machines which can be used in the heat sealing of limited plastic products.
  • Jigs for spring compression creating spring loaded components.
  • Heat sealers for a wide range of size in polybag packed goods.
  • Fly pressing for a wide variety of small pressed, stamped/embossed parts, or can be used to insert studs and pins under pressure to create chains, or binding items
  • Shrink wrapping for improved palletised delivery & safety in transit
  • Heat shrink wrapping machine for individual or grouped units.

Examples of Output

We produce a variety of complex assembled or sealed mechanical workings e.g Door closers containing basic components such as springs, gears, levers, encased and joined in a crimped metal container. 

For the Marlux and ultimately the NHS, for many years we have produced a  surround curtain for hospital beds which needs assembling, die punching fabric and sonic heat-sealing to ensure rivets hold in place. 

In our ESA area we can undertake assembly of delicate and high value electronic devices which control lifts and other sophisticated apparatus.  


  • We can quote on any process with the likelihood of being price competitive with existing contracts.
  • We are happy to take on companies’ light engineering tools and processes, and in return supply finished or part-finished goods. Often quantity of goods required fluctuate and as we are a “flexible” engineering resource we can carry out work on a “as needed” basis.
  • We are actively looking to take on new processes. This has positive effects on our clients by lowering costs, and reducing paperwork/hassle.
  • Winning Contracts helps our people to train and upskill, thereby assisting them towards the potential of full or part-time work and providing them a pathway to a fuller life within their communities.