Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training Courses

About MHFA:

Better Pathways is a leading Mental Health Charity based in Digbeth, Birmingham with over 50 years’ experience in providing services to both people and organisations, to help them manage mental health and learning disabilities. We have various Mental health training courses building on our values and heritage from an in-house voluntary social enterprise helping vulnerable people get back on their feet including supervised work and also a placement service funded by the NHS.

This gives Better Pathways a wealth of experience and material for providing mental health courses at a variety of different levels for organisations, schools, health & safety officers, youth first aiders and even bespoke board courses.

More and more individuals and organisations are recognising that mental first aid is as important as physical first aid. Our training courses include:-

Mental Health First Aid Course; Adult & Youth - 2 days

For:- frontline professionals supporting young people and adults;

This course offers the skills, confidence and awareness to be able to recognise early warning signs of mental distress.  It aims to assist and signpost a person to the correct professional support and give an in-depth view of specific conditions such as depression, anxiety, suicidal crisis, psychosis, self-harm and eating disorders, as well as recovery, looking after one’s own well-being and more.

The 2 day courses come with a manual and workbook to support attendees during and after the session and we also deliver in-house training including a half day Mental Health Awareness and one day champion event.  

One day Youth Champion:

For :- teachers and frontline professionals working with young people aged 8 to 18 years,

This course provides training for the skills and confidence to spot common signs and triggers of mental health issues as well as knowledge for a range of mental health topics including depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders and more.

Half day Adult:
This is a 4 hour session which covers a brief overview of many elements of the full two day training, but with a focus on spotting the early warning signs of mental illness, coping with stress and the stigma around mental health and poor mental well-being. 

Mental Health Board Awareness

For:- board professionals wanting to know more about mental health performance, recognise warning flags and improve efficiency related to  productivity in the workforce.  (Approximately 9% of UK GDP is lost to the hidden effects of mental health issues through absenteeism and under-performance in the workplace) 

Issue overview or/and a more in-depth diagnostic benchmarking of Company Mental health performance versus industry/sector averages.

How to communicate within the organisation and taking ownership

How to monitor performance via developing KPIs and Skills Tool-kits.

½ day Overview or bespoke options


If you would like further information or to book any of our training courses please contact us at: RED button or

Check out the course dates available at our offices in Birmingham

All courses come with a workbook and manual containing additional information and resources. 

View a range of our course dates and book online using the link below:


2-day course price is £175pp + VAT – (MHFA England charge £300+VATpp. As a mental health charity we subsidise this and offer training for £175+VAT pp).
Half-day course is £95pp + VAT- (MHFA England charge £125+VATpp. As as a mental health charity we subsidise this and offer the training for £95+VAT pp).
Youth 1-day course is now available at a cost of £109pp + VAT– (MHFA England charge £200+vat pp. 

The main site for our training takes place at our head office in Central Birmingham, Digbeth, (walking distance from New Street Station) for groups of up to 16 people.

Testimonials from attendees in 2018-2019:

We love the feedback we receive from the attendees and it is important to see the benefit and positive impact it has. 

“Your course was brilliant at keeping people engaged and constantly participating.. I wish it was longer so that we could go into more detail as I found it extremely enjoyable and interesting.”

“Excellent delivery, informative, accommodating and one of the two best course facilitators I have ever come across.”

“An excellent course delivered with kindness, enthusiasm and sensitivity. Thank you.”