Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

We exist to help and inspire the people we work with on our employment programmes and in our social enterprise, to believe in themselves and to achieve their full potential.  

More broadly our charitable objectives require us:

1   To support people with mental health issues and learning difficulties and disabilities to secure opportunities for volunteering, training and education and progress them towards paid employment. 

 To provide training and education to organisations that will support them to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of their employees and other stakeholders. 

3   To deliver support programmes through our social enterprises to grow beneficiaries' confidence, sense of self-esteem and independence to enable them to stay well and take part in activities as full members of their communities.

4   To provide mental health and wellbeing support to NHS and Local Authority client groups to enhance their potential for recovery and independent living.

5   To provide support to the carers of our beneficiaries, chiefly but not limited to the respite provided to families and carers arising from the participation of beneficiaries in the charity's activities.

Our Values

Inclusivity – we welcome without prejudice or judgement all those who want our help

Tenacity – we tirelessly strive to do our best for those we serve

Empowerment – we build confidence in people to help them become self-supporting 

Integrity – we are kind, honest and fair in all our dealings

Partnership – we work together with our stakeholders to further our collective aims