Recovery Hubs1

The Recovery Service is delivered by our service partners Birmingham Mind and Creative Support with Recovery Hubs located in Erdington, Handsworth, Yardley, Northfield and Harborne and has been running for 2 years supporting more than 1,500 service users in a comparative short time. It offers recovery and wellbeing sessions to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

The service offers one-to-one support with recovery support planning helping people work towards their personal goals which can include education, training, volunteering and community integration. The service also progresses people onto the IPS Employment Support Service and paid employment.

The options available from the recovery and wellbeing sessions are grouped into 6 areas.

Mental Health Self-Care Sessions which consist of 6-week courses in managing mental health conditions from building confidence to managing anxiety;

Life Skills paving the way to independent living;

Social Wellbeing Groups providing social support;

Physical Health with Tai Chi amongst the offerings;

Meaningful Activities includes creative groups such as Art for Recovery;

Employment & Training preparing people to commence a search for paid employment or training.   


The recovery service helps people write the next chapter in their own recovery as they increasingly take control and responsibility for their own mental wellbeing. The variety of support options available enables participants to individualise their support and make their own choices about how to move forward with their lives.    

Recovery Hub timetables, & addresses, and how to contact.