Values and Mission


Mission of Betterpathways 

"We exist to help and inspire the people we work with on our employment programmes and in our social enterprise to believe in themselves and to achieve their full potential"    


1. work in partnership with people with mental health conditions in order to assist and empower them in their recovery and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

2. help and support people with mental health conditions to find and keep suitable employment.

3. provide people with mental health conditions opportunities for volunteering, work experience, training and rewarding activities.

4. assist people with mental health conditions to find and take part in rewarding activities within their communities.

5. raise awareness of the importance of mental health with employers and others and promote the employment of people with mental health problems.

6. provide support to the carers of people with mental health conditions.

7. provide material support to people with mental health conditions who are volunteering or gaining work experience at the Charity in order to help them take part in the Charity’s activities. 


VISION (What future success will look like)

"Better Pathways will be recognised locally as the first-choice place of sanctuary, safety, employment support and work-based therapy for people living with poor mental health, learning difficulties and disabilities"

 Our packing, assembly and light engineering social enterprise will be thriving on all fronts. 

 We will be the ‘go to’ specialist mental health charity for commissioners of IPS employment services because we are exceeding commissioner expectations for job outcomes and client experience. 

Our building will be a thriving hub, raising revenues from the hosting of community events and groups, business meetings and conferences. 



1.  Inclusivity – we welcome without prejudice or judgement all those who want our help

2.  Tenacity – we tirelessly strive to do our best (to improve the quality of life) for those we serve

3.  Empowerment – we build confidence in people to help them become self-supporting 

4.   Integrity – we are kind, honest and fair in all our dealings

5.   Partnership – we work together with our stakeholders to further our collective aims