Youth Promise Plus Project

Better Pathways has recently been awarded the brilliant opportunity to deliver wrap-around mental health support through the Youth Promise Plus Project. We will be able to support young people (aged 16-29) to overcome mental health barriers and support their journey towards achieving their employment or education goals.

What is Youth Promise Plus (YPP)?

The Youth Promise Plus Project is delivered across Birmingham and Solihull; it is a holistic service that includes wrap-around mental health support to help young people aged 16-29 who are not in education, employment or training.

Providers within the Youth Promise Plus Project aim to create person-centred support for young people aged 16-29 years, to support progression into education, or training or ultimately sustainable employment.

YPP at Better Pathways

The Personal Mental Health Champion (PMHC) team will be working alongside existing YPP partners in partnership to support young people. Our YPP partners include; Birmingham Careers Service, Birmingham Youth Service, Solihull Council (MBC), Prince Trust, University Hospital Birmingham Learning Hub, Change Grow Live, Employment Development Work Team (supporting partners) and Forward-Thinking Birmingham (supporting partners).

Working in partnership with the partners means we will achieve a holistic person-centred approach to help young people manage their wellbeing.

The PMHC team will support young people by creating personalised action plans focused on improving wellbeing. We will work together with YPP participants so they can achieve positive outcomes and work towards positive changes in their YPP journey.

Our support will include:

  • Improving sleep hygiene
  • Managing anxiety – e.g. fears around Covid-19, confidence, returning to work
  • Behaviour activation– e.g. motivation, improving self-esteem
  • Mindfulness and coping strategies
  • Travel support
  • Online E-Coaching
  • Develop communication and relationship skills
  • Improving self-esteem and Resilience
  • Signposting to other supporting organisations

Not a YPP Participant? Register here!

We offer support to young people, aged 16-29, who are already registered to the YPP service. They must not currently be in education, employment and training, and must live in the Birmingham and Solihull area.

Any queries about our service or referrals, please email:

Please download our YPP Participants Flyer here!

Our Personal Mental Health Champions (PMHC)

We have a new, energetic PMHC team to co-ordinate the YPP service at Better Pathways! Our team of two have invaluable experience working with young people from a variety of backgrounds, offering a range of support. Read about our PMHC’s below.

Monique Joseph

Monique has a master’s degree in Psychology and Psychological Practice. She has worked as an Assistant Psychologist, Wellbeing Advisor, Inclusion Mentor and a Support Worker. Monique has experience in supporting young people and adults with a range of mental health difficulties such as, autism, anxiety and depression (low level support).

She has also provided mental health support to adults with chronic illnesses, and adults who have struggled with emotional eating or brain injuries.

Monique is looking forward to supporting young to improve their mental wellbeing and stability, to enable them to be the best version of themselves. She is excited to help the PMHC team to develop an effective space where young people can benefit from their support.

Shanice Mason

Shanice has experience in working with young people with brain injury, mental health conditions, learning disabilities and neuro diverse conditions. She has previously worked with ChildLine, which shows her experience in working within a diverse environment and working with young people, aged 5-25, in schools, residential homes, and neurological rehabilitation centres.

Shanice has a passion for highlighting how the BAME community is affected by mental health. She works on a biopsychosocial level, looking at a young person’s holistic environment to support their mental health.

Shanice is excited about supporting young people and helping them use self-help techniques to manage their mental health. She is looking forward to empowering young people to work towards their recovery in a positive way, and to help young people gain access to support that would not have been available to them otherwise. Shanice is also looking forward to working with her new PMHC team and sharing her knowledge and experiences to support young people.


Stephen Harvey

Stephen has over 15 years of experience working in the social care sector, he’s previously worked as a Support Worker with vulnerable adults with learning disabilities and mental health. His work history over the past 15 years reads support worker, team lead, Alcohol Practitioner Employment tutor, Employment Specialist and Senior Personal Mental Health Champion. In these roles, Stephen has worked as Team lead and has managed a team who deliver floating support to those in the wider community who struggle with their mental health.

In his current role as a PMHC, Stephen manages a small team who deliver wrap around support to those young people who require low-level Intervention to support their mental wellbeing. Stephen is proud of his team who work so hard and who are passionate about supporting young people to better manage their mental wellbeing and making the conversation around mental health comfortable.